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After King Kong Fell
Author Philip Jose Farmer
Illustrator Pat Ortega
Publication date 1973
Published by Walker Publishing
Publication Order
Preceded by
Training Day
Followed by
The Evils Against Which We Strive

Synopsis for After King Kong Fell[]

October 1931: Doc Savage, Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane witness the aftermath of Kong's plunge from the Empire State Building.

Characters in After King Kong Fell[]

Featured Characters:

  • Kong (dies)
  • Tim Howller

Supporting Characters:


  • None

Other Characters:

  • Aunt Thea
  • Uncle Nate
  • Jill (Mr. Howller's granddaughter)
  • Mayor Jimmy Walker
  • Governor Franklin Roosevelt


  • New York City
  • The Empire State Building




  • This story first appeared in OMEGA: a collection of original science fiction stories, edited by Roger Elwood (1973). It has been reprinted numerous times in various anthologies.


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A Wold Newton Universe Story
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