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Aboard the Steamship Amazon
Radio information

B.F. Goodrich Tires

  • Script:
  • Orson Welles
  • Margot Stevenson
Aired date

May 8, 1938

Running time

29 min

Preceded by

White God (Radio Show)

Followed by

Murders in Wax (Radio Show)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Unknown to the passengers, munitions for a band of revolutionaries are being smuggled on the luxury steamship "Amazon." When the conspirators find out that their plans might be thwarted, they plan to blow up the ship, killing those on board.

Full Cast[edit | edit source]

Featured Characters:


  • Ms. Maria Chard (stepmother of Randolph Chard; dies)
  • Dr. Victor Hester (captured)
  • Tam Suey (a henchman; captured)
  • The General (mentioned only)

Other Characters:

  • Randolph "Randy" Chard (dies)
  • Captain McAfee (a ship's captain)
  • Mr. Adams (a steward)

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